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Pricing is based on the plan that best suits the needs of your organization. Please visit our pricing page for details.

Every RC Learning path consists of a series of bite-size lessons that are delivered via email or a chat-based app. A typical micro-lesson takes no more than 5 minutes to complete at a time. In total, a learning path may equal up to 30 minutes across several messages the Culture Coach sends and schedules over a selected period.

A Security Culture Coach is a Human Risk & Security Culture expert assigned to your program to partner with you and your security team to deliver a great learning experience, while ensuring that critical security skills are being consistently delivered, measured and improved.

No. The RC Platform is a security microlearning and communications platform, it can integrate with any corporate LMS.
The main difference between RC Platform and a traditional LMS is that Arist delivers interactive content in bite-size format via email and existing messaging tools like Slack, G-Suite and later, Microsoft Teams instead of traditional video courses and e-learning applications.

RC Learning Platform has 100+ pre-made communication templates, videos and articles that are constantly updated with the most up-to-date and relevant cyber security topics. All courses in our content library can be easily pulled, customized, and launched to employees in minutes. To learn more, schedule time with a RevolutionCyber content expert here.

Learners enrolled in the Program can access all learning materials on the following devices: 

  • Computer Devices: Windows/Mac
  • Any Mobile Device
  • Messaging Apps (ex: Slack)

Yes, we create the templates, but you control delivery and execution. Every message or email that is scheduled to be sent is reviewed, edited and approved by the client prior to delivery.

Yes. Employees feel more connected to the content and have more control over when and where they learn. We have found that by breaking learning down into bite-size lessons, the RC Model helps build essential cyber security knowledge – one digestible step at a time.

  • Message-Based Micro-Lessons
  • Learning is pushed to the familiar spaces employees already work in most, rather than directing them to an external platform they must log into.
  • Our platform is focused on outcomes over activity. Backed by years of expertise in marketing and behavioral science, the learning platform is based on management of 40+ security awareness programs, and used by over 2 million+ learners.
  • RevolutionCyber learning platforms is designed to help optimize our managed services, so we assign a Security Culture coach who will partner with you throughout the program to guarantee your results!

Once a plan has been determined and the contract signed, a new client can be onboarded and using the platform within 30 days.

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