Grow better with the right plan.

Plan 1

Fast, simple, program in 30 days

No technology required

Plan 2

Re-brand or mature existing program

LMS or Security Awareness Platform required*

Plan 3

Create a strong security culture

Includes everything from the previous plans

Plan 4

Target high-risk employee security behaviors


For large businesses or global scale

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Plan 1 Features:

Plan 2 Features:

Plan 3 Features:

Plan 4 and Enterprises:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our pricing does not increase because our program meets multiple frameworks.

A Security Culture Coach is a Human Risk & Security Culture expert assigned to your program to partner with you and your security team to deliver a great learning experience, while ensuring that critical security skills are being consistently delivered, measured and improved.

Learners enrolled in the Program can access all learning materials on the following devices:
  • Computer Devices: Windows/Mac
  • Any Mobile Device
  • Messaging Apps (ex: Slack)

Once a plan has been determined and the contract signed, a new client can be onboarded and using the platform within 30 days.

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